Piranha (USA)


Piranha has been manufacturing and distributing machines for the metal fabrication industry since 1972.

Based in Hutchinson, Kansas and long recognized as the Number One brand of ironworkers, Piranha has rapidly become a major producer and distributor of press brakes and shears. The same philosophy of efficient design, superb engineering, quality production, and outstanding customer service is carried across all Piranha brand products. Like our ironworkers, all machines in our complete line of metal fabrication equipment are simple in design, heavy in construction, and outfitted with efficient and safe operator features.


No other brand of ironworker compares to the Piranha Ironworkers. Features such as urethane stripping, automatic shear hold-downs, quick change tooling, low blade rake angles, and six standard work stations, coupled with its ergonomic design and clear lines of sight to all tools, including shear blades, place Piranha far above the competition. These features produce higher quality parts, and make Piranha ironworkers easier to use than any other ironworker.

It's no wonder that Piranha is the leading brand of ironworker in North America.

Urethane strippers dramatically reduce part distortion, and also minimize the stroke length. This, plus more horsepower per ton, is why Piranha machines punch faster than the competition.
Piranha's dovetail slide makes changeover from punching to bending fast and easy.
The P-50′s unique automatic hold-downs keep flat stock and cheet metal from distorting. There is no need for time-consuming adjustments between cuts.
A clear sight line, and low rake angle notcher allow easy notching and coping of all materials – fully removing the fillet on angle iron in one stroke.

What Can Your Ironworker Do?

Angle Iron – Sheared, coped, notched & bent
Saddle – Sheared, punched & bump-bent
Flat Stock – Sheared & bent
Sheared Round Bar – Square and clean cut
Pipe Notch