Daisen (Japan)

Daisen Standard Air Coupling is an interchangeable with Japanese Standard type plug. This series can be used for the general air piping at your factory or use with air tools. Rotary (swivel) type is available as standard series.

Daisen offers 2 different bore size for this standard air coupling series (20 and 40 Type). Depending on your applications, you could select the bore size. The Stainless Body (SUS 304) type are available for 20 Type body.

The connection styles are, male (R thread), Female (Rc thread), Barb (hose) and Nut Connection (for Polyurethane Hose).

Standard Air Coupling

One Touch Socket

A wide variety of pneumatic One Touch Connection coupling for general pnuematic appplication. Locking device type and Swivel type are available on several models for added safety and ergonimics. The rubber covered sleeve type is available. It will not scratch painted or finished products surfaces on the production line.