4-Jet (Germany)

The new developed JETLASER handheld platform completes 4JET's offering for laser surface processing systems. The JETLASER product line addresses a vast range of industrial laser cleaning operations. Potential applications include cleaning of molds, tools and fixtures, paint and coating removal operations and pre-treatment of surfaces prior to welding, glueing or coating applications.
4 Jet, Flexible Precision Laser Cleaning Tool
  • - Laser ablation is the process of removing material from a surface by irradiating it with a (typically pulsed) laser beam. The material is heated by the absorbed laser energy and evaporates or sublimates.
  • - Laser Cleaning is Touchless, Dry, Precise and Repeatable:
    • • No Substrate Damage
    • • No Chemicals or Blasting Dust
    • • Precise and Selective
    • • Consistent Process Results
  • - For some – but not all – Applications, Laser Cleaning Offers a superior alternative:
    • • Paint Stripping
    • • Oxide Removal
    • • De-Greasing
    • • Mould Cleaning
    • • Surface Roughening
    • • Ablative Marking

4JET offers solutions for selective, flexible laser processing for welding and bonding preparation. The systems can be integrated into production and assembly lines. Modular automation solutions allow for loading and unloading using work piece carriers, robots or by hand.

Automotive Part Cleaning System, integrated in a production line

The modular setup of fixtures and the flexible beam guiding system enables a quick modification to new requirements and assures additional redundancy with a corresponding high availability.

Process control for perfect results

The 4JET systems are equipped with efficient process and performance monitoring. Integrated online monitoring of the laser power ensures steady processing parameters at all times. At the same time, a process control validates the component surfaces.

The control system logs operating data and allows remote support and fault analysis via a VPN connection.


Laser Tire Marking
  • T-Mark – Laser Tire Marking System
  • T-Mark Compact – Mobile Laser Tire Marking System
Laser Mold Cleaning
  • STMCS – Stationary Laser Tire Mold Cleaning System
Tire Inner Liner Laser Cleaning
  • TCS – Tire Cleaning Laser System
Automotive Parts Laser Cleaning
  • PCS – Automotive Part Cleaning Laser System
  • JETLASER – Flexible Laser Cleaning
JETLASER – Flexible Laser Cleaning
  • Customized laser systems